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Very nice app

this is a simple and great app. i realy recommend it!!!!!


i should rate it with five stars. Yet one regret for me,I WISH I COULD CROP the size of some notes sometimes. .

works like you expect it.

awesome. it just works. very simple and intuitive to use. better than paper notes.

These are GREAT

Had no idea there was so much avail for this APP..Notes !! Archive…?? Wow and so, so much more I discovered which I was not aware of. These are great for jotting down what you need for the moment. Love them.

Love it! But, wish for a SYNC feature.

This app is exactly what I was looking for — so much better than any other sticky app. My only wish for it would be that it could SYNC with Evernote — I can only hope!

Exactly what I was looking for!

I just downloaded this app, it was exactly what I was looking for: simple, easy to use, stays on top of your desktop, your notes are always on hand and visible. So simple yet so practical. Thank you!

Simple and intuitive

Very great app!

owner Patless Ink Services

I use it for my at home small business and it is most helpful. I find it to be a very useful tool when I am on the phone and I need to keep track of what my customers are asking me for.

Great App

Very handy for picking things up where you left off


Now with Dashboard disabled in El Capitan this is handier than ever! Works very well and great options. Хороший апп! (Great support for Russian too)


I think the app needs a Find function. Id love it if there was a Select function too. Input a word and all the Antnotes containing that word would appear on screen. And if you could further select or eliminate from this selection, it could be a great tool for sorting data.

This is very useful.

This is very wonderful. This application is made very smartly. Its easy to use and it also has the very abundant functions. これは大変素晴らしい。このアプリは大変スマートに作られています。非常に使いやすく、機能も豊富です。


The best stickies - free and fully customizable. I like the option to preview the note via the menu bar icon. Notes look perfect with black transculent background and white font. Well deserved 5/5.

Very useful

They do the job. Very useful - you can pin selected notes so they always stay on the top of other applications. When you do use them they become transparent. Very good for making quick reminders. In my opinion they offer the right level of functionality.

Ok. But I want to control color

The two things that I would like to do with an app like this is control the color of the note and control the location of the database. I would love this app if the notes were a little more attractive and I could change the color. If I could put the note database in Dropbox, so I could automatically have it on every computer, then I would pay money for this. Maybe I should check out the ‘pro’ version… But besides these two issues, the app works as expected. You can close notes without deleting them, which is different than the native Stickies app.

How do I uninstall this app?

Every time I go to uninstall this app it says I cant because its open, when I go to close it it asks if I want to open it. Theres no menu, so I cant just close it through its own menu, and I cant close it from the dock because it isnt recognized as being open. I just want it gone forever and Ive had this installed less than 10 minutes.

How do I delete this app?

I am having the same issues described by another user: I cannot close the app because there is no close X and I cannot put it in the trash because it says that it is open. Then when I go to look for it on the dock it does not show up as an installed app, and I cannot uninstall it from the app store either. I just want it off my desktop please!

Ahhhh its stuck on my desk top!

I installed it and want to move the yellow box on my screen. But its stuck under the finder bar, i cant move it and now i want to uninstall it but cant because it says it is open..... but I CANT CLOSE IT!!!! Gah! Dont download this!

Can’t close it. hate it

So unlucky that I just download this, and now I CAN’T PUT IT IN TRASH. I’m so crazy right now because I just bought the Mac 3 days ago. Hope this is not virus

Simple Memo App

This app does exactly what I need it to- pin simple messages to my desktop. Clever features like transluscent background and pinning (which is the same bring to front) really make this worth using! A+

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